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How to Have a Meaningful Conversation With Your Kids

In this episode Marishu asks, have you ever planned a meaningful conversation with your kids? A purposeful conversation is setting the intention to listen and understand as opposed to hear and fix.

You can start by asking if there is anything they want to talk about, and that you would love to hear what they are feeling and experiencing in their daily lives. If inspiration is needed try a topic cards that suggest things to talk about.

What always surprises me when having these conversations is the revelations that come to light. Even as simple as finding out an interest your child has, or a struggle your partner might be experiencing.

By simply focusing on listening and being present to your loved one, it fulfills the need we all have to be seen, heard, and unconditionally loved.

How Judging Others Can Hurt Relationships

In this episode Marishu shares way to teach children about judgement and how judging others can hurt relationships.

What do you think of when I say the word “Judgement”? For many it evokes the feeling of not being good enough. Too many times we place the label of “your not acceptable because you are not up to my standards.” The damage of judging others can be devastating to the young and old.

The culprit that is most responsible for this behaviour is often a low self esteem and fear of coming up short compared to others. Our past emotional hurts rear their ugly heads and wear down relationships that can result in a toxic atmosphere at home.

Mirroring to our children the acceptance of people just as they are can create self respect and esteem. Embracing self acceptance and non-judgement towards others can bring the freedom to be themselves and let others shine in their own way.

Dr Wayne Dyer said it beautifully. “Judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are.”

Keeping Christmas Alive Throughout The Year

In this episode Marishu shares ways to keep the spirit of Christmas and the generosity of the holiday season active throughout the year.

What we most love about Christmas is the spirit of giving, getting together with family, the glitter and glamour of the holidays. January is often very difficult because the party is over, and we settle into winter and the reality of Christmas bills.

Is it possible to keep Christmas alive all year long? I believe it is achievable with the right attitude.

It starts with your mindset. Focusing on being kind to strangers, spending time with family, volunteering time to those in need, focusing on what we have in the now and cherishing the relationships that we experience daily.

Plan family get togethers a least once a month. Pick a theme and create new traditions. Let the spirit of the holidays live in your heart and share that joy all year long.

How To Beat The January Blues

Christmas is over and school is back in session. In this episode Marishu give parents ideas on how to beat the January Blues. 

When To Parent Yourself

In this episode Marishu explains the process of parenting yourself to set a better example for you children.

Healthy Snacks For Kids

Welcome to another episode of the Parenting Toolbox podcast. In this episode, Marishu and rockstar co-host Colin talk about healthy treats for kids!

As parents, we only want what’s best for our kids – and knowing how chemically laden food are nowadays, it’s always in our best interest to find out which snacks are safe and healthy for our children. During this conversation, Colin and I share our own personal stories on how we make sure our children stay healthy, without compromising the “treat” aspect of snacks.

Teaching kids to be mindful of what they eat is a great foundation for them when they grow up – so they may choose the better, safer, healthier alternatives rather than go the quick-and-easy route when it comes to food. This also set this up for when they become parents themselves.

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In this episode, you’ll discover:

  1. Is yogurt better than milk? Or frozen yogurt better than real ice cream?
  2. How you can make decisions in terms of which snacks are healthy and which you should stay away from
  3. Which healthy snacks are best for on-the-go moments


“Kids need protein to keep them calm.” – Marishu

“If you’re gonna have a treat, you might as well have the real thing.” – Colin

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