In this episode, Marishu asks the question. Are you a good parent?She share tips on how to improve your child’s self esteem.

How do we decide what good parenting is? Is it based on the individual child or a standard for how children should behave? Each child does not come with a manual on how to raise them and in the end, it is good old-fashioned common sense that saves the day. By focusing on what is important to your family and child, you can become a parent of great children.

Here are some guidelines:

  1. Concentrate on your child’s positive behaviour rather than negative.
  2. Model a healthy respectful relationship with your spouse
  3. Avoid yelling at your kids
  4. Do not threaten but rather give consequences
  5. Teach your child kindness and concern for others
  6. Allow your kids to learn lessons and stop cleaning up their messes
  7. Show patience, compassion and empathy for your child.

Children are a blessing and their wisdom is the gift to us parents who need to learn the true meaning of life.


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