About The Parenting Toolbox 

The Parenting Toolbox is a helpful resource for families and caregivers for children of all ages. Your host Marishu narrates the podcast, where she interviews guests, comments on useful books and articles and shares her wisdom and experience to help communities raise healthy, kind and responsible children.

Her mission in life is to “help children find their voice and heal the planet.”

Marishu is the founder of Wee Imagine Creations. She is an Author, Podcaster, Business Owner, Talk Therapist/Educator, Parent, and Grandparent, whose passion is to inspire and educate families to live their best life.

Having co-parented seven grown children, Marishu has experienced many amazing experiences as well as obstacles along her journey as a parent. Her grandchildren add to that incredible story that comes with a large family.

As a communication expert, her goal is to have “Toxic Free” communications to create clarity, harmony and respect in all relationships. Accountability plays a crucial role in that goal.

Her experience in coaching has taught her that “All of Life is a Relationship.”

Marishu seeks to impart education and inspiration to parents and caregivers to create an atmosphere where children can find their voice and create their incredible journey.

Books for Kids

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