We now live in an age of distraction. The main culprit is smart phones when it
come to “Tuned Out” parents. The ability to focus on our parent/child
relationships is under threat due to the amount of time we spend connecting to
the world via devices.
The amount of screen time young children spend is now averaging four hours a
day. I am not saying it’s the phone ‘s fault. I am saying that our ability to pay
undivided attention to our children has changed dramatically over the last 15
years, and that is directly linked to our devices.
When you are spending time with your family put your devices away. Focus on
your kids needs and what they are asking from you. When you have an
opportunity to interact and play with your kids, take it. Put down the smart
phones and become smarter parent. Your kids need uninterrupted attention to
know they are important and loved in their home.

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