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Welcome to the Parenting Toolbox! 

The Parenting Toolbox is a helpful resource for families and caregivers for children of all ages. Your host Marishu narrates the podcast, where she interviews guests, comments on useful books and articles and shares her wisdom and experience to help communities raise healthy, kind and responsible children.

Her mission in life is to “help children find their voice and heal the planet.”

How to Teach Children About Charity

Photo by Dakota Corbin

Welcome to another episode of the Parenting Toolbox podcast. In this episode, we discuss the meaning of charity, which will help you fully understand its definition and in turn teach your children how to be charitable and compassionate and ultimately become a better parent.

Different people have different definitions of charity, but the overarching thought around it is that charity involves having compassion and being able to care for others who are not as fortunate as you are. More often than not, charity is defined as giving others something they need, something that you may or may not realize you had. It’s not always monetary; sometimes, it can be encouragement and words of advice that can help an individual grow and flourish so they can achieve their goals and dreams.

Children need to learn the importance of charity at a young age – because as they grow up to be active member of society, they should always have that compassion to extend a helping hand when someone else is struggling or in need.

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In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • What charity means to Marishu and Colin and how their own definitions shape their parenting style and how they relay the meaning of charity to their children
  • How you can help others by means of intangible objects such as words of encouragement, inspiration, and advice
  • How to teach your children the meaning of charity, its value, and how they can practice charity in their lives


My way of paying it forward in my family is to model that we are all citizens of the world, and that we’re all in this together – we’re one tribe. – Marishu


Charity can be in the form of supporting someone to achieve a goal, doesn’t have to be monetary. – Marishu




Healthy Snacks For Kids

Welcome to another episode of the Parenting Toolbox podcast. In this episode, Marishu and rockstar co-host Colin talk about healthy treats for kids!

As parents, we only want what’s best for our kids – and knowing how chemically laden food are nowadays, it’s always in our best interest to find out which snacks are safe and healthy for our children. During this conversation, Colin and I share our own personal stories on how we make sure our children stay healthy, without compromising the “treat” aspect of snacks.

Teaching kids to be mindful of what they eat is a great foundation for them when they grow up – so they may choose the better, safer, healthier alternatives rather than go the quick-and-easy route when it comes to food. This also set this up for when they become parents themselves.

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In this episode, you’ll discover:

  1. Is yogurt better than milk? Or frozen yogurt better than real ice cream?
  2. How you can make decisions in terms of which snacks are healthy and which you should stay away from
  3. Which healthy snacks are best for on-the-go moments


“Kids need protein to keep them calm.” – Marishu

“If you’re gonna have a treat, you might as well have the real thing.” – Colin

Books for Kids

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