In this episode Marishu looks at the issue of kids that refuse to go to school.

All parents deal with their kids not wanting to go to school. Perhaps they were embarrassed by public speaking, or a friendship ended, a teacher was stern, and your child finds it created panic or anxiety. These experiences can be overcome by talking through their feelings and creating solutions. One great tip is to make staying at home boring and as school like as possible.

There is another form of school refusal that can be very serious, resulting in anxiety and depression disorders. If you notice your child is skipping homework, avoiding socialization, not sleeping well, and refusing to go to school. It could be a sign of a more serious problem that needs immediate attention. Creating a support team for your child to address these issues can make a difference by integrating your child back to school. The daily routine of school life can lead to the success of overcoming anxiety or depression.


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