In this episode, Marishu addresses the sensitive topic – teaching kids about body image. 

Do you have a belief about your body Image? That belief is often passed down to our children and it becomes confusing to them as they age. On one hand we shower them with love and praise but constantly criticize our bodies.

When kids are taught the value of inside out beauty,  they tend to feel more settled and accepting towards themselves and others. Focus on their choices and habits and not the way they look.

Let them know that magazines and television screens are not a realistic representation of how people really look. Point out the Fake pictures of models that are airbrushed and altered. Have open discussions about the lie that you have to look a certain way to be successful or admired.

Foster a love of exercise and movement. Introduce healthy foods and choices to your kids at a young age to allow a healthy relationship with their bodies. Teach appropriate boundaries for others invading their space and being inappropriate. Most importantly that we only get one body and take good care of it for future use!

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