Fed Up Parenting

Complaining about how we never have anytime for ourselves once we have
children is nothing new. However, lately I have been hearing some parents
discouraging couples who have no children to avoid having a family. The
reasoning for this advice?
Having kids means you will give up on your own needs and wellbeing because
society expects you to be a Super Mom or Dad.
While the pressures of parenting can be overwhelming at times, with proper
support and education you need not neglect yourself because you have become
a parent. Being Fed up simply means that you have not found the right life
balance to achieve success while still caring for a family.
Gathering around you a support system to help get you through the tough times
is vital. There is nothing wrong with having a soup and sandwich for dinner. Or
letting the dishes wait while you go for a walk. Parenting allows for self care if you
make it a priority!

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