In this episode Marishu And Colin break down the unrealistic expectations and supply you with tips and tricks to being fulfilled in your parenting and relationships. Also touching on bridging the gap of different parenting styles; and the importance of a positive productive environment and how to achieve it.


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0:21 – Marishu Introduces Colin and the topic of “unrealistic expectations of parenting”

1:00 – Colin shares the variables all parents are faced with

1:51 – Marishu shares the issues of undiscussed expectations

3:15 – Marishu breaks down the negative language that is used and encourages you to be realistic

4:30 – Colin shares a tip of knowledge about the questions we ask ourselves

5:30 – Marishu explains the value of being whole on your own and knowing what that is “keeping your love tank full”

6:47 – Colin shares his outlook on all the different outlets there are for gaining knowledge of parenting and how they have progressed over the years

7:47 – Marishu opens up about some tools for parents to discuss to make sure expectations can be met or compromised on

8:41 – Colin shares a story about spousal clash

9:25 – Marishu expands on agreements, be open to breaking down a way to co parent

10:17 – Marishu poses the question of spanking ‘Yay Or Neigh’

11:00 – Coloring book commercial (link needed)

12:02 – Marishu welcomes back Colin

12:30 – Marishu shares a story of how telling the truth creates realistic expectations

13:35 – Discussion of bridging together two different parenting styles

15:04 – Colin emphasises the need of finding a common ground

15:30 – Colin shares a story of listening to his child’s expectations

17:00 – Be the kind of parent who listens to a child’s goals and expectations

17:30 – Marishu shares a profound quote of scripture

18:00 – Marishu encourages you to listen to your children and don’t over expect from them

18:47 – Colin adds a tool to your parenting tool box

20:08 – Colin ensures the importance of environment and Marishu shares how to do that without leaving your neighbourhood

21:04 – Marishu recaps unrealistic expectations and content with what we have to offer

21:57 – Keep the line of communication open with your children and listen and have realistic expectations

23:22 – Colin explains his passion for environment and maximizing potential by altering environment

24:00 – Marishu Breaks down the imperfection in perfection

25:00 – the

25:30 – Colin enlightens us on the joy of the journey not just the destination

26:00 – (link to books)

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