The Mystery Litterbug

Roxy Raccoon & Sally Squirrel are busy trying to figure out who is littering all over friendly forest. They hatch a plan, along with their friends, to capture the litterbug and bring them to justice. Each page is filled with laughter, fun and beautiful illustrations. It is a must read for families who enjoy nature and will inspire all to change our world, one kind action at a time.

The Junkyard Bear

In this second installment of the Enviromals, we arrive in Friendly forest on Spring Clean up Day, but Byron Bear wants to go swimming instead. His favorite pastime was junk collecting, but swimming was a close second. His friend Rachel Rabbit had a problem; her washing machine had broken down. It was Byron to the rescue, and his junk collecting might just pay off. Before long Byron has fixed her washing machine, and is soon fixing everyone’s repair problems. This delightful story is about friendship and discovering how our passions can be turned into our life’s purpose.

The Closet Rabbit

In this third instalment of the Enviromals, we find Rachel Rabbit getting ready for afternoon tea with her good friends Sally Squirrel and Roxy Racoon. The only problem is Rachel cannot find her tea set, and while looking for it Roxy discovers that Rachel has a pack rabbit problem. This delightful story centers on what to do with all the stuff we collect, and how to find a ways to Renew and Reuse the items we all have stuffed in our cupboards and closets. You will laugh with Rachel and be cheering her on as Friendly Forrest helps her find a solution that benefits everyone.

I Have No In My Tummy

This is the first book in the life lesson series. The story centers on Taylor and her Nana & Papa. While visiting Nana’s farm, Taylor discovers that she gets a tummy ache when her loved ones tell her “No”. What follows is a discovery about what “No” really means, and how to create a healthy inner dialogue on how special and loved you really are. It is written for children, but adults will find it encouraging as well.

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